The Unlikely Success of a Copy-Paste Developer

A book written by Iris Classon

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A Copy-Paste Developer is Born (a prequel) is currently in the works with the following publishing date: October 1st, 2022.

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Really enjoyed the imagery and humor of the narration ... I would describe the book as difficult to put down... -reader
Oh the book, I enjoyed it so much! I loved the wicked sense of humour. That's my favorite thing about the book! -reader

The Unlikely Success of a Copy-Paste Developer

Leo Larsson is a change-averse software developer with a forgettable presence and a life as bland and dry as Swedish crisp bread.

Leo has three goals: keep a low profile, avoid customer support at all costs, and deal with an obsessed dentist with a curious and possibly abnormal fascination with Leo's teeth.

Unfortunately, David, the spandex wearing know-it-all, mandates that everybody in the company, except architects, must provide customer support services.

The unambitious Leo decides that if climbing the corporate ladder means avoiding daily human interaction, it's time to scale. If only Leo wasn't such a lazy developer with a plow-shaped smile.

Turns out, being lazy is hard work.